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Introducing Lead Free Brass Fittings


Over the past twenty years we have been providing optimum customer satisfaction to meet just about any fitting specification, certification, requirement, or need.  On January 1, 2010 both the state’s of California and Vermont will implement strict lead-free laws that will require all wetted surfaces of fittings, pipe, and fixtures used in potable water systems (drinking water) to have no more than 0.25% lead content by weight.¹ We will be ready for these new laws just as we have been with previous industry challenges and changes.  Will you?  We now manufacture a line of lead-free brass fittings made in the USA that are in full compliance with both state’s new regulations.  This assortment has been specifically selected to focus on the most commonly installed fittings in potable water systems in your state.  We would encourage you to beat the deadline by placing your order for our lead-free brass starter assortment today.  Just complete, sign and fax this preplanned product mix and you are ready to go.  It is as easy as that.  You won’t have to worry about customers, lawyers, inspectors, or end users calling you and asking you if you are in full compliance with the new laws. 

• All fittings are made in the USA of Copper Alloy 2745 which fully complies with both state’s new lead-free regulations and has been certified by the mill as well as an independent third-party.  Certifications will be available upon request.

• All lead-free fittings are designated with an “LF” prefix in front of our normal part number for ease of ordering and identification.  No need to learn new part numbers to be compliant.

• All fittings are bagged in an easy to identify green-backed biodegradable plastic bag.  This makes inventory and proof-of-compliance that much easier.  Not to mention eco-friendly. 

• Each fitting will have a special lead-free marking symbol along with the Mid-America Fittings, Inc. logo for quick and easy lead-free identification.  If it doesn’t have the lead-free symbol then you will never really know for sure if the fitting is lead-free or not.  Neither will the lawyers or inspectors.

• Fittings are available for immediate ordering and shipping.  Should you require special fitting applications please contact us and we will help you design and implement a fitting for your specific system requirements.  Please see the enclosed pre-planned order form for ordering information.

1 Source: California Health and Safety Code (116875)

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Lead Free Fittings Launch


OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS:  Mid-America Fittings, Inc. announced today that it has partnered with Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. in order to utilize their newly developed EarthAware biodegradable packaging film.  The company will use this new packaging to bag its line of lead free brass fittings scheduled for introduction during the 3rd quarter of 2009. 

This product introduction is timed to comply with the new lead free laws being enacted in both California and Vermont on January 1, 2010.

The biodegradable film will be comprised of a combination of a printed front on an white opaque background indicating the specific lead free part, part number, and quantity along with a transparent eco-friendly green tinted back for easy part identification, eco-awareness, and viewing.  The film is designed to trigger biodegradation when it comes in contact with other biodegrading material environments like landfills.  Biodegradation can occur in both oxygen rich and oxygen free conditions.  Under normal storage conditions (on the shelf) the product is designed to remain in tact for up to five years.  The material is completely recyclable and ecologically friendly.

Technical specifications are available upon request.

Lead Free Copper Alloy 2745 Material Property Data Sheet

Copper ---------------------------60-65%
Iron --------------------------------0.35% maximum
Lead ------------------------------0.25% maximum
Other ------------------------------0.50% maximum
Zinc -------------------------------Remainder

Tensile Strength ---------------58 (ksi)
Yield Strength ------------------40 (ksi)
Elongation ----------------------30%
Hardness -----------------------55-75 (Rb)

Soldering Rating --------------Excellent
Brazing Rating -----------------Excellent
Cold Working Rating ---------Excellent
Plating Rating ------------------Excellent
Hot Forgeability Rating ------95  (Forging Brass=100)
Machinability Rating ----------70 (CU 360 Brass=100)

Scrap is 100% recyclable with C36000 and C37700 Alloys

Introducing A New line of Nickel Plated Brass Push-In Fittings

• All Brass Construction (CA 360 Barstock & CA 377 Forging Material)
• Collet Grab Ring Design Features Improved Grip on All Types of Tubing
• Electrolysis Nickel Plated for Improved Metallurgic Bonding & Chemical Resistance
• Lubricated Viton O-Ring for Quick Seal & Enhanced Chemical Resistance
• Rated 250 psi Operating Pressure
• Developed & Tested to Outperform & Outlast Other Push-In Style Fittings
• Suitable for Use with Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Nylon, Copper & Aluminum Tubing
• Elbows and Tees Are Offered In Both Fixed and Swivel Dryseal Taper Thread Styles
• Available with Preapplied Thread Sealant on All Male Pipe Threads

 90° Fixed Elbow

Straight Male Connector

90° Swivel Elbow

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